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My P.B.L is an ant. First I made 3 bunches of newspaper 1 head, 2 thorax, 3 admen. Then I taped
them together. I had to paper mache the ant. Then I painted  my ant black and then I put on the legs. Then I painted the legs black and hot glued the fangs and the antennae on. That is how i made my model.




What they eat

Life cycle

Where they live


Acrostic poem



Ants are insects. Some ants can fly. Ants like to eat crumbs they have 6 legs two eyes and a small body.There are 5 different color ants black,red, green, brown and yellow. Even different shapes and sizes. Ants go in large groups called colonies each ant has a job. There are three kinds of ant jobs, finding nectar   , staying in the nursery and Hunting. The queen is the only ant that can have babies.  There can be up to 100,000 ants living in one nest.

What They Eat

Leaf-cutter ants find dry leafs cut them up with their tiny mouth parts. Garden ants go  in houses and eat sweet scraps. Every ant has a job to do some ant go hunting. Ants eat rotten fruit and some dead animals some ants eat other insects by biting them. The job of some honey ants is to drink and store as much nectar as possible for other ants. Their abdomen becomes so swollen that they can not move. Ants have two stomachs in their abdomen.

Life Cycle

A queen ant can start laying eggs when she is a few months old. She lays many thousands of eggs in her lifetime. Ants are the longest living- insects. Workers can only live for one year, but some can live for five years. Black ant queens have the longest life spans of 15 to 20 years. One queen lived in a German laboratory for 29 years.
Every ant goes through these 4 steps 1.egg  2.larvae 3.pupa

Where They Live
Ants live in nests. Garden ants like to build their nests in warm, dry places such as paving stones or near walls. A maze of tunnels leads into the underground chamber where the ants lay their eggs. Termites are ant-like insects that also build nests. Some ants build a  nest  under a mound of leaves and twigs. Some ants travel till they find a warm place to build their nests in winter. Black ants look for a crack in the floor or in the walls in houses to build a nest.


There are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world. An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight. Some queen ants live for many years and have millions of babies. Ants don’t have ears. Ants hear by feeling the vibrations through their feet. When ants fight it is, usually to the death. When foraging , ants leave a pheromone trail so that they know where they’ve been.

Acrostic poem
Insects could be dangerous.
Nests are warm.
Stingers really hurt when they go into you.
Energy, ants  use a lot of energy when they carry crumbs.
Colonies. Colonies are ant groups.
The ants come in 5 different colors.  
                         Carpenter Ant Top.jpg

Thorax/hōpara- the thorax is the second part of an ants body, joining the head to the abdomen.

Abdomen/riu- the abdomen is the third part of an insect's body, behind the thorax.

Pheromone- smells and senses that other insects and animals even humans to attract the other genders.

Vibrations- vibrations are when something shakes like an earthquake.

Larvae/torongū- larvae is the second step of the life cycle of a insect.

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