Monday, 20 March 2017

my special place

My Special Place
1.Getting there.
2. Sand and sea.
4.Home.                      Getting there.
As we drove along the road I heard a squeaky sound coming from the boot .Then i heard something drop. I looked out the window and our luggage was there. After a moment we were inside we put all of our luggage in our bedroom.Then we started walking to the beach.
Sand and sea.
As I walked into the soft sand i started setting up my towel . I put on my wetsuit i slided my feet into the water . I started to put my body into the waves. As i got to the deep part i started to worry.
I started swimming under thehourendis waves. Then when i got up from under the waves i got hit again . Dad came out and got me. Then i never went out that far again. Later on i started sunbathing in the sun.   
When we got back in town we went to get a ice cream. After we ate that we went home and went to sleep. The end.
(My special place is the beach)
Thank you for reading my writing.


  1. i liked how you told the reader about were you were but i think you need to work on putting a bit more detail in and a couple more sentences under each main idea other wise welldone

  2. I like how you added wow words great job Sophie

  3. 1st star I like all the describing words it's amazing
    2nd star and I like how you put in alot of info for the reader
    wish if you could any kind of visual art what would you do?