Monday, 29 May 2017

Thank you letter

Nikau hub
Parkvale  School
Howard street 4122        
May 24th 2017

Dear Mr Gifkins,
Thank you for coming to camp. You made it fun and interesting and cool. You gave up all your time for us. Thank you for encouraging me to do the amazing race. It was really fun when you took us around Lake Kiriopukae. On that walk I liked how we saw the grave of Michael Noonan.

The interesting part was when we had to walk across the wire bridge at night. I was wondering what I was walking on; I thought it was a rope or something.

My highlight was  when we went kayaking, that was my first time kayaking. The boats are so uncomfortable their

An interesting fact I learnt was how to do a flip off the climbing the rope climber thing. It was a challenging to flip off the rope climber thing but I did it.  


Yours sincerely

Sophie O’Connor

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