Wednesday, 25 May 2016

lost story

Lost in the redwoods will I get out ?

“I feel sick mum, I feel like spewing up” I said.
”Go outside Sophie” Mum replied.
“ But it’s raining and it’s  cold out there.” I said
“Get a blanket and hurry up, dad will be here soon.” Mum said.
“OK mum”  I said .
“muuuum I  feel better now” I said
“Stay outside for another  minute, just incase you spew up in the tent” Mum replied.
“ kokadodoldo” called a roaster in the distance
“It’s morning, Dad should be here soon.” Said Mum.
“Cooper, Sophie and Mum where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are. I slept all by myself, all alone with the annoying dogs.” Called Dad.
“Ring Ring”  went dads phone, oh a surprise it was mum.

Mum said we are at the picnic table, which  picnic  table? There is a dozen around here.  I will give the directions to you in a minute…

Right in 100 meters
Left in 50 metersg
“Well I don't know the rest of the directions.  I am not a enius.” Says Mum. “I don't know  everything. Did you bring a dog? Both dogs. WOW you are amazing to me.”

Mum passed me the cellphone to me. “I love you Dad. I want to see you right now daddy. I will cry in front of you now I absolutely love you I will die for the love I know I am crazy.”

After talking to Dad I tell Mum “I am serious here Mum, I don't want to talk about this now.because I love Dad.” An hour later mum told dad the directions - right in 100 meters, left in 50 meters, and in 150 meters you turn left, then you are there. “OK we will find you to OK” said Dad. “Who is there? dddaadd yay “ I said. And that was the end of that.

The end by Sophie o’connor.

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